Sunday, August 2, 2009

Evilynne is the founding member of the Order of Moonhallow. She was a real looker back in the day, but that was QUITE some time ago! Now you are much more likely to see her out at night under the cover of darkness. If you do happen to run into her, it is best to quickly run the other way -- that sneer she is showing is just the tip of the NASTY attitude iceberg!.
She has been sculpted in clay, hand painted and dressed in Early Halloween fashion. She is LIFE SIZE -- measuring 27" tall on the cast metal base
Her attire is accented with vintage rhinestone pins, buttons and feathers. Her hat can be removed to reveal her thinning hair. From the side, she is almost pleasant looking...too bad about the long black hairs growing out of the HUGE mole on her chin!
Evilynne is currently available on EBAY
click here for the listing that includes more photos and details


magikalseasons said...

Beautiful work she is wonderfully Wicked! Amazing!

Tom said...

I think your vintage folk art is wonderful. Kudos to you!

Cherie said...