Sunday, August 2, 2009

Evilynne is the founding member of the Order of Moonhallow. She was a real looker back in the day, but that was QUITE some time ago! Now you are much more likely to see her out at night under the cover of darkness. If you do happen to run into her, it is best to quickly run the other way -- that sneer she is showing is just the tip of the NASTY attitude iceberg!.
She has been sculpted in clay, hand painted and dressed in Early Halloween fashion. She is LIFE SIZE -- measuring 27" tall on the cast metal base
Her attire is accented with vintage rhinestone pins, buttons and feathers. Her hat can be removed to reveal her thinning hair. From the side, she is almost pleasant looking...too bad about the long black hairs growing out of the HUGE mole on her chin!
Evilynne is currently available on EBAY
click here for the listing that includes more photos and details

Friday, July 10, 2009

Byrum Arts First Give Away!

Ron and Sherry Byrum create fabulous Halloween artwork and they are having their first give away! If you have ever seen the Byrum's Art, then you know what a big treat this is!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I Heart Hand Made Summer Show

I am a Featured Artist at the I Heart Hand Made Summer Show!
Stop by and see all the goodies the wonderful artists have to offer!

The show runs from June 19th through July 11th
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Carnival Halloween -- Madam Zareena

Remember those hands I showed you a few weeks ago? Well, here is who they belong to :)
Madam Zareena - Fortune Teller Extraordinaire

The Carnival is here and tucked in with the spinning rides, games of skill, side show "freaks" and endless variety of junk food, there she is... the thing I remember most about every trip to this magical place that springs up overnight and is gone almost as fast... the coin-op fortune teller booth - or at least, my version of it :)

Her face and hands have been entirely hand sculpted of clay without the use of molds. Lots of details and vintage items give the booth an authentic carnival look!

What does the future hold? Only Madam Zareena knows!

Currently available for auction on Ebay ---> click here for the auction, more photos and info.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well, I've taken the plunge --- that's really nothing new as any who know me can attest. In fact, I quite frequently go off the deep end :)

This time, I dove head first into a new venture called Bonanzle. They promise it is the place to find "everything but the ordinary", so I should fit right in :)

So far, it has been pretty fun - like back in the early, early Ebay days. I hope to have more listed soon. It may take a little while, because I am working on a large One of a kind Halloween display piece at the moment and I have body parts all over the kitchen :0 ---> want a sneak peek?

We have been having fun with the hands I made,

but the dog isn't quite sure what to make of them!

In my spare time (as if!) I have been working on a few websites... one for Primitive Hooked Rugs and Rug Hooking Patterns and one for Sea Glass Jewelry neither of the websites belongs to me but they have some great stuff - check out this Woven Sterling Silver and Sea Glass Cuff Bracelet --- Spectacular!

That's it for tonite...

Happy Haunting!


Saturday, December 27, 2008

O Christmas Tree?

Just thought I would share my 'Christmas' tree with you this year. I took the pictures before I put the tree topper on - silly me! The topper is a witch flying on her broom (of course)!

It is a little hard to tell from the pictures, but the tree is black instead of green. The 'icicles' are vintage glow in the dark plastic - I thought it was neat how they caught the orange glow from the lights :)

I haven't had a whole lot of time for Halloween art recently - I have been working on a big project - a brand new Online Arts & Craft Mall - Foxberry Folk Art Fair. It is geared toward artists and crafters who sell high quality art and crafts. We are currently accepting new artisans, so stop by and take a peek - or visit the Foxberry Blog for more info

Happy Haunting!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Halloween Time...
Any time can be Halloween time with my latest piece of Halloween Folk Art.
This clock has been completely redone with a vintage Halloween theme. The pumpkin head wears a hand sculpted witches hat and 2 sculpted cats sit on either side. Fully painted on all sides with my own original designs.

Currently being offered on Ebay